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About us:

"Aqua Décor"
The name itself sounds to provide a wide range of decoration products for your aquarium. ,We have already known as Green Point. Ind, established 7 years ago. Now we have launched “Aqua Décor” exclusive for Aquarium decoration.
We are based in Tamil Nadu, South India and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible customer service. We have our own creative centre in Pondicherry ( South India) to create innovative designs in Terracotta products and also we work for buyers specification.
Our second unit in Erode (south India), where we design our coco caves, to collect natural river stones. Luckily our city Erode is surrounded by three rivers .
Our products start from Terracotta FISH HOUSE, range of different black, white marble, grey stone bridges, towers, river stone mountains and natural country side cobbles.
We also have Tropical Almond Leaves, (Terminalia catappa L.)
The handpicked, dried leaves of the tropical almond are natural ingredients not only promote wellbeing, vitality and a willingness to spawn, but also have other benefits…. See more in Products.
Our products contents only natural materials, no synthetic.
We believe that our products will impress you to contact us. Thank you for visit our web site, Meet you soon as our valuable customer.
Team Aqua Décor
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